Waste Oil Collection

WPC collect waste oil throughout the North Island. Collections exceeding 400L are generally free of charge. Charges may apply for smaller amounts or if you are in an area remote from our scheduled run. To find out more about our waste oil collection schedule, phone 0800 WASTE OIL

Supply of Processed Oil

At Waste Petroleum Combustion, we don’t just collect waste oil, we recycle it too. The used oil that we collect is processed at our plants in Pukekohe and Palmerston North. This involves removing water, sludge and heavy metals, producing a cost effective and efficient heating fuel. This cheaper, alternative fuel source is typically used for boilers and kilns and is currently used in the horticulture and floriculture industries, timber processing, meat processing and bitumen plants. If you’re looking for an alternative or cheaper fuel source for your burner or kiln, give us a call on 0800 WASTE OIL.

Oily Water/Sludge Disposal

Responsible recycling and disposal of waste products is essential for environmentally friendly practices in the automotive industry. As well as collecting waste oil, we also provide efficient and reliable vacuum truck services. Our drivers are experienced and will carry out work with minimal disruption to your business. We can clean interceptors and collect and dispose of oily water, coolant, cutting fluid and oily sludge. This waste is taken for disposal to a compliant EnviroWaste service. Phone 0800 WASTE OIL for a quote.

Waste Oil Storage Containers

The large amount of oil consumed by the automotive industry each year means there is a need for responsible recycling of waste.

WPC can source high quality double skinned waste oil containers of difference sizes. These tanks are compliant and perfect for your containment needs.

These storage units provide exceptionally safe ways to handle waste.

Invest in safe storage. Call 0800 WASTE OIL for a quote.